We Have You Covered from the Tips of Your Roots to the Top of Your Trees:
All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating Tree Service

NJ Tree RemovalLooking for a New Jersey tree service company?  If so, you want high-quality, affordable, and safe services by an experienced and professional company.  All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating has been in business since 2002, and has been providing quality major landscape work to residents in and near Ocean and Monmouth counties for 15 years.  We proudly offer a full range of tree maintenance services, from regular pruning all the way through tree removal, including stump grinding and removal.

Why is professional tree service so important?  There are actually several answers to that question.  First, and foremost, professional tree service is important for safety reasons.  Trimming large branches, handling storm damage, handling branch and tree removal, and grinding stumps all involves using heavy equipment, which can pose a danger to an inexperienced person.  Tree branches are also far heavier than they look.  Trimming large branches, safely, involves securing branches so that there will not be any uncontrolled falls, which could result in thousands of dollars in property damage as well as put people at risk.

Second, professional tree service means you get experience.  Our tree specialists can help you identify tree species, including identifying and removing hazardous trees and also helping identify invasive tree species and removing them, when necessary.  They also know how to trim a tree to optimize growth and make the tree its most attractive.  In many cases, this involves not only shaping the top but thinning out lower branches so that light can reach the lawn or beds below.  Our professional expertise is not limited to trees; we can provide professional underbrush removal and hedge and bush trimming, as well.  The result is not just a more attractive yard, but also one that is easier to maintain.

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