Getting to the Root of the Matter- Stump Grinding and Removal NJ

Stump Grinding NJWhen a large tree is removed, the stump is often left behind.  This may be because the tree removal was a DIY job or the tree removal company did not have the knowledge or equipment to remove the stump, because stump removal was initially too expensive, or simply because the homeowner did not foresee how unsightly and dangerous the tree stump might be.  Whatever the reason you need stump grinding and removal, All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating can provide you with the services you need.

Many people believe that if you have removed the tree, you have removed the problem.  However, tree stumps can provide their own hazards.  Low tree stumps can pose a tripping and falling hazard for people walking in the area, tree stumps can lower property value, and they can attract insects.

Removing a tree stump is a big job, because extensive root systems make digging out the stump impractical.  Therefore, most large stumps are removed through the stump grinding process.  In addition to removing the part of the stump that is above-ground, the stump grinding process also reduces blades in the ground, making it possible to plant a lawn or garden in the stump’s place.  Sometimes using a grinder is not possible because of a stump’s location, which may mean using alternative methods of stump removal.

Many people fear the cost of stump removal.  Generally, the larger the stump, the higher the price for removal.  However, at All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating, we are able to provide lower costs for our clients because we own our equipment.  Factors other than size also include price including: type of tree, geographical location, root systems, soil condition, and any prep-work or clean-up that needs to be done.  The best way to find out what it would cost to have a particular stump removed is to get estimates for that stump.

At All Maintenance, we have been providing high-quality tree care to the residents in and around Ocean and Monmouth counties since 2002.  In addition to our stump grinding and removal services, we handle tree and branch removal, pruning, hazardous tree identification, underbrush removal, hedge and bush trimming, and storm damage.  Call All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating or fill out our online form today to schedule an estimate for your stump grinding and removal needs.