Timber!  Branch and Tree Removal

Branch Removal NJSo, you realize that you need more than regular pruning to keep a tree attractive or safe on your property, but are not sure how to find a company that can handle more than basic pruning?  Look no further than All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating, a full-service New Jersey tree service company.  We handle branch and tree removal, tackling your biggest problems in a safe, efficient, and affordable way.

Why is it important to hire the best when you need branch or tree removal?  It comes down to safety.  Removing branches or entire trees can pose a serious risk to the people doing the removal, any bystanders, and property.  If branches are not properly secured prior to being cut, the result can be hundreds of pounds of tree limbs falling in an uncontrolled manner.  We have heard plenty of stories of property damage by do-it-yourselfers and even by landscape professionals who do not have experience with threes.  Broken windows, damaged siding, damage to vehicles and outdoor furniture are all common side effects of a branch or tree removal gone wrong.

However, property damage is certainly not the worst thing that can happen; branch and tree removal can be very hazardous, especially when storm damage, disease, or bugs have left a tree weak.  At All-Maintenance, we put safety first, ensuring not only that our professionals follow the safety protocols they need to in order to protect themselves, but also that they take precautions to protect your family and property.

At All Maintenance, we handle all aspects of tree care.  In addition to our branch and tree removal, we handle stump grinding and removal, pruning, hazardous tree identification, underbrush removal, hedge and bush trimming, and storm damage.  In business since 2002, we have been providing quality major landscape work to residents in and near Ocean and Monmouth counties for 15 years.  Call All Maintenance Tree Service and Excavating or fill out our online form today to get an estimate on your tree service.